Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to my blog!.. Come get some!

Well lets start this blog off with a bang!

I posted this one up on a couple of forums and got a great response on it.. I have been painting alot of hotrods lately with the "true flame" effect which has become slightly popular.

I decided that it would be pretty cool to try something on a new wall..
Originally i did the same technique with another one with a Camaro in the piece.

but this time i did it as the whole piece.. and added a scary "eye" to the mix.

and after i posted this up i noticed a few guys didnt believe it was even spray paint.

matter of fact.. it is.. and even more is that it isnt "euro" paint either.


3 cans of Krylon georgia clay. (Fan tip)
3 cans of Rustoleum Orange.
2 cans of Krylon Sun Yellow. (Fan tip)
1 can of Krylon Bright Idea. (fan tip)
1 can of Krylon glossy white.

there it is..