Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Original bboy?.. does that mean anything nowadays?

So yea i decided to paint an older outline i had laying around just for good measure.
I started bboying in 86 and havent stopped since.. so i decided to write "Original Bboy" on this one.. because i did footwork when it wasnt cool to do footwork, and it was cool to wear your pants backwards.. maybe even a gumby box. Now if you dont believe me step to me in any cypher and ill show you how nice footwork, power, style, flow can be.... then do it in reverse.. like a real bboy should.

i dedicate this one to my boy Ewok 5MH.. my brother in footwork.

The Evil that men do..

So im back at it again..

Hey guys..

Still gotta get used to this bloggin thing.. but lets roll..

heres a new joint me and my man Plush did.
As some of you know how things are going on here in the US.
Times are hard and people are out there getting wilder and wilder for that almighty dollar.
It almost seems like one of those conspiracy theory mkultra mind altering blur of how people are paper chasing nowadays.. and really dont give a fuck about anything else..I myself am in the grind also.. im not rich.. but im good.. i know others arent.. and im not THAT far off.. its like i got one foot back into what i was doing in 94 and one foot on a banana peel.. it wont take much but a few months of nothing to send me back.. with that damn knife in my hand.. instead itll be the 40 cal if it happens now..
and my folks feel the same way.. So.. I wanted to do something that reflected how i felt about how things/people are in the world i live in.. is everything about money?.. its that all there is for folks now?... it sure isnt to me.. . maybe its because i dont have a TV... i dont see all these programs about getting cash doing the most ignorant things and compromising my morals for that dollar.. The greatest byproduct of all this is that my team Burn Unit have been trying to push our OWN boundaries.. so in this particular piece Plush and I decided to dig deep for this...

Its really the evil that men do..

Plush did the character with his head cracking.. Its like hes being killed by what he loves most.. cash.
and I did everything else.. Ive done things similar before on a piece but not to this extent.. was a trial and error thing.. but you get what im saying..

so thas it!.. hope the homies dig.