Wednesday, January 26, 2011

O.G. Totem's 49 chevy fleetline leadsled bomb

My 49 that i just got finished swapping in a 383 stroker pushing around 500 hp, body channeled on a 96 S10 frame, disc brakes, built 4l60e tranny, and my favorite parts.. the front end.. i fabbed up a 51 olds front bumper narrowed it, 49 chevy grille bar with53 bel air teeth, an upper grill mustache from a 51 olds but put on 49 upper mustache ends..

yep.. 2011 is here.

The War Sinah

So i did a War Rehza a few years back for my first son, Rehza.. i now have a new child.. his name is Sinah.

And in the Army of Totem, the young princes of war should always have their own custom War Machine..

this one i designed for Sinah..

come get some...