Friday, February 11, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Knight Armor..

Knight Style Totem

Ah yes.. in the Chamber again..did this one from the Japan Calisthenics book from a few years back.. going fully armored Knight style i had laying around.This one was fun to paint.. simpler than my battle serif style so it was fun.. initially it wasnt going to be as 3D but it just worked better.. Also i did this one to commemorate my start in the Video blogging game for my homies at who is graciously backing me on the paint side with this new Evolve paint.. its all weird and new to me making videos and using euro paint.. being that im used to rustos, krylons and stamp licking. hahaha.. this one has quite a bit of rusto in it tho.. ahhahah this is also a full production with Plush and Teror.. waiting for Teror to finish his piece..full production pics later..check the video i made.. i got a shitty camera... but at least you get to see me working my ninjitsu..

and R.I.P to my lil homie Bleu.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

O.G. Totem's 49 chevy fleetline leadsled bomb

My 49 that i just got finished swapping in a 383 stroker pushing around 500 hp, body channeled on a 96 S10 frame, disc brakes, built 4l60e tranny, and my favorite parts.. the front end.. i fabbed up a 51 olds front bumper narrowed it, 49 chevy grille bar with53 bel air teeth, an upper grill mustache from a 51 olds but put on 49 upper mustache ends..

yep.. 2011 is here.

The War Sinah

So i did a War Rehza a few years back for my first son, Rehza.. i now have a new child.. his name is Sinah.

And in the Army of Totem, the young princes of war should always have their own custom War Machine..

this one i designed for Sinah..

come get some...

Monday, August 16, 2010

This Or That

Remember then song "This or that" by Black sheep?.. thats the idea here..
This one if from my style calisthenics while i was in japan the last time.. so the outline is older in the mix.
So the main guy in the middle is what the story is about and has an angel to the left, and a devil to his right(which both look like him).. and hes looking at them both.. whatever is on his mind.. i dunno.
The Hookah is my O and that was for shits and giggles..

Its been hot here in ATL.. but the goons are still out.
this one i used my new sponsors paint from
Clash paint.. pretty good stuff i must say.. and doesnt smell as bad as Ironlak.. mad thick too!..

R.I.P to my lil homie who passed away 3 days ago in a shooting..

R.I.P Bleu.. we will miss you.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Gun Totem


So i rocked this outline while i was in Japan last year.. Best thing about my time there is that i have plenty of time to do style calisthenics(when I do outline after outline that are out of my character).. Ive been playing around with the idea for a minute but it manifested itself on paper then.. so i rocked it.
Funny thing is Im headed out the door to hop on a plane to Japan now.. so you know what to expect.

Its all on the table.. Come get some muthafuckas.. Im fully loaded.


Rustoleum Smoke grey
Rustoleum Charcoal grey
Rustoleum Satin Black
Krylon Flat white

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My boy Horitoyo is in town... At Liberty Tattoo ATL.

Strait from japan Guest spotting at Liberty Tattoo ATL.


Specializing in Teboori..

dudes SUPER clean... pop in!.. hes here for 10 days!
REAL japanese.

Check the link.
Horitoyo tattooing with his buddy Magoshi. (they came together from japan to tattoo here in America.) [b] Video[/b]