Monday, August 16, 2010

This Or That

Remember then song "This or that" by Black sheep?.. thats the idea here..
This one if from my style calisthenics while i was in japan the last time.. so the outline is older in the mix.
So the main guy in the middle is what the story is about and has an angel to the left, and a devil to his right(which both look like him).. and hes looking at them both.. whatever is on his mind.. i dunno.
The Hookah is my O and that was for shits and giggles..

Its been hot here in ATL.. but the goons are still out.
this one i used my new sponsors paint from
Clash paint.. pretty good stuff i must say.. and doesnt smell as bad as Ironlak.. mad thick too!..

R.I.P to my lil homie who passed away 3 days ago in a shooting..

R.I.P Bleu.. we will miss you.

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