Monday, August 16, 2010

This Or That

Remember then song "This or that" by Black sheep?.. thats the idea here..
This one if from my style calisthenics while i was in japan the last time.. so the outline is older in the mix.
So the main guy in the middle is what the story is about and has an angel to the left, and a devil to his right(which both look like him).. and hes looking at them both.. whatever is on his mind.. i dunno.
The Hookah is my O and that was for shits and giggles..

Its been hot here in ATL.. but the goons are still out.
this one i used my new sponsors paint from
Clash paint.. pretty good stuff i must say.. and doesnt smell as bad as Ironlak.. mad thick too!..

R.I.P to my lil homie who passed away 3 days ago in a shooting..

R.I.P Bleu.. we will miss you.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Gun Totem


So i rocked this outline while i was in Japan last year.. Best thing about my time there is that i have plenty of time to do style calisthenics(when I do outline after outline that are out of my character).. Ive been playing around with the idea for a minute but it manifested itself on paper then.. so i rocked it.
Funny thing is Im headed out the door to hop on a plane to Japan now.. so you know what to expect.

Its all on the table.. Come get some muthafuckas.. Im fully loaded.


Rustoleum Smoke grey
Rustoleum Charcoal grey
Rustoleum Satin Black
Krylon Flat white

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My boy Horitoyo is in town... At Liberty Tattoo ATL.

Strait from japan Guest spotting at Liberty Tattoo ATL.


Specializing in Teboori..

dudes SUPER clean... pop in!.. hes here for 10 days!
REAL japanese.

Check the link.
Horitoyo tattooing with his buddy Magoshi. (they came together from japan to tattoo here in America.) [b] Video[/b]

Sunday, May 9, 2010

So i went to go see BONOBO live in Athens GA..

man was that a life changing experience.. i was kinda skeptical about Andreya but all reserved were decimated by her OUTSTANDING performance..

man can she sing..

And when it came to "Stay the Same" boooooyyy..... you know when you got that good shit right there... like a popsicle on a hot day.. and you find out when you take it outta the baggie its cherry!

im going to paint dammit!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter has nothing to do with eggs here in ATL.. so..

I decided to go and take my 66 Pontiac Bonneville out for a stroll...
For a while Bonnie didnt have a top but i decided to buck up and installed the top.
i know that summertime is for a convertible, but i kinda like the top up..
so.. also i decided to do a tuxedo color scheme in a 60s kustom style.. i still have to add
the bullet center caps and install the rechromed front and rear bumper

Sunday, March 28, 2010

BONOBO's new album BLACK SANDS is bang bang bangladesh..

a couple of joints for yall to hear... OH have i been bumpin this..

as some of you know ive been a fan of Bonobos ever since Animal Magic..
I actually missed his first appearance in ATL because i was in Japan.. this was last yesr.
I was pretty pissed but hell hes coming back to Athens GA in a month or so so ill be there acting like a strait up groupie..

rare form.. check!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Geist was a witness to dismemberment..

Body of dismembered lady found.. behind that wall.. and only one witness..

kinda bugged out but usually when im out i like to do most in the dirtier areas of ATL..
i guess sooner or later he would make a cameo.. but i didnt think it would have been a dismemberment..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hybrid of melted skittles..

Just doing another one of these..

Bout damn time the weather broke..

ATL hasnt ever been this long with cold and rain.. usually it goes right back to being hot as lucifers ass cheeks..
So i got home from Japan a few days ago and i got the urge mainly due to the weather to get outside and do a quick one.
i havent done one like this in a while so i decided to roll the dice with the green outline.. best thing about the day tho was burning the tires on the 67 camaro out on the street with a trunkfull of paint and a strawberry milkshake..

Friday, March 19, 2010

Rest In Peace Mrs K.

one of the hardest things ive ever had to do.. especially for a close friend.. one of the most meaningful pieces ive ever done.. life is as fragile as glass..cant get that song "Sadie" out of my head as i painted this. Rest in peace to one of graffs bests mothers..

click this song.. this is the one that was in my head while painting this.

and when your done and you love your momma, call her up.. word.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chief Totem.

Another old outline from my Japan sessions.. New one for 2010.
what a bitch it was to piece the photos together on this one..
So its kinda like a style calisthenics i go through when im sketching. This one is kind of a throwback to 92 for me when i was mainly a character writer and did countless "Cheif Totem" themed joints so i decided 2 years ago in my japan session to bring it back up.

so come get some...


Krylon khaki
Krylon Leather brown
Krylon almond
Krylon Grape frost
Rustoleum smoke grey
Rustoleum regal red
Rustoleum Orange
Rustoleum mix straw grey
Rustoleum gloss white

So yea, back again..

Yup, still trying to get used to this blogging thing... kinda hard to talk about what im doing when im doing it... so.. i guess ill touch on some recent joints and jams..

So some have been noticing the last few years that ive been doing "theme" pieces.. well the truth is that yes to a degree.. Most of the new joints ive been rocking have been thoughts and ideas ive been wanting to do for YEARS.. i finally have time and space to do so.. so heres the last bang bangs from the tail end of 09 and some in these first coupla months of 10.

The scientific specifics...
heres the sketch from the oldschool days.. i actually drew the sketch in 07 based on a sketch from 94...

and the final.